Residential Interior Design In Dubai - Innovative DIY Ideas To Recreate Your Home

Residential Interior Design In Dubai - Innovative DIY Ideas To Recreate Your Home

How does it feel when you see a home that has been designed by a professional interior designer in movies, commercial ads, and magazines? We understand that such views would make you want to have a similar décor at home, but various setbacks such as creating suitable designs, budget crunches and resourcefulness often deter such upgrades.

We would like to help you overcome these setbacks and try some fantastic DIY hacks to recreate your home and refurbish your spaces to achieve villa interior design in Dubai that you are proud of. Sounds interesting? Let’s take a look!

Use different used furniture to create a completely new look and feel

You might have old furniture like cupboards, shelves, tables and chairs which are better suited in different combinations. Try mixing or re-arranging these furniture every 6 months to recreate a new and improved feel to the space. You might also want to send this furniture to our joinery team to upgrade, repaint or varnish your woodwork.

Wallpaper and wall arts

Wallpaper and wall art are one of the quickest ways to recreate the walls in your interior space. We have an endless range of wallpaper colors, patterns and textures options that we could recommend to help lift your space. We can also custom make any wall art that you believe would lighten your space.

Repaint with style

Another quick way to enhance your space is to repaint your surfaces with new and fresh colors. We can provide you with a guaranteed quality paint touchup to your home.

Upcycle your home

Upcycling furniture is the art of upgrading and re-using an old or used item into a more functional or eye capturing furniture. Use delivery palettes or old unwanted tires to create new plant pots, coffee tables or even bed frames in your own home. You may also use upcycled furniture to help you store your belongings de-clutter your space.

Use plants to create a fresher space

Try and add easily maintained plants to your home. This solution would go a long way to create a form of Zen in your space.

Do not overcrowd your home, your interior space should have a lot of free space

Try to remove excessive and unused furniture as it has the potential to make your home feel tight. Keep things simple and decluttered!

We hope these easy tips and hacks will help you considerably with an improved and livelier home. If you are interested in really making a difference with the interior décor of your home, please get in touch with DESiGN DESiGN LLC., a leading residential interior design company in Dubai!

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